Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tick warning!

Hi to all, and a simple warning. I'm not a wildlife biologist, but even I have noticed a substantial increase in the tick population in recent years, in both Florida and New York. You can get them most anywhere, from your garden to the great outdoors. They are very small critters that can cause very big health problems. In the last couple of months I've had one hiking friend with an embedded and infected tick, taken a tick off another friend, and talked to a guy who got lyme disease from a tick bite under his watch. "The sickest I've ever been," he said until doctors who had previously diagnosed it as a spider bite, ran a test for Lyme disease.
We've found that preventive bug spray, long sleeve shirts and long pants have minimized our exposure to them when out hiking.
But you should check yourself for ticks whenever you jump into the shower. Better yet, have your significant other check you for ticks at days end. One never knows where that might lead. LOL


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