Monday, November 8, 2010

ADK Firetower Challenge - 2011

Okay, we finished our 450 mile Erie Canal bicycle trip in 2010. So what's next?

It's the ADK Firetower Challenge for 2011. And we've already started it. To complete it we need to climb 18 of the 23 Fire tower mountains in the Adirondacks; and all five of the Catskill Mtn firetowers. As of this date we have climbed four of them. Hadley, Black, Spruce and Kane in the fall of 2010. We'll try for Woodhull Mtn with mtn bikes and hiking on Dec 11th if the weather is decent. Then we'll start again in the spring. If you have any interest in joining us on Dec 11th or for any of the spring and summer outimgs, e-mail me at: We only hike afternoons and evenings as a rule, but would be glad to have the company. We'll start running a formal Blog on our trek after the first of the year, just like we did for the Erie Canal trek. Check back then.



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