Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hunters vs Hikers in NY state - My perspective!

I have long advocated that there should be virtually NO problem between hikers and hunters in NY! Hunters don't want to be near your hiking trails and your human, predator scent and activity that scares deer away. Sure, wear bright clothing in case you two accidentally cross paths. But here is what the NYS DEC has to say about the subject:
 "The most common story: Remember that

99.994% of the people who hunt have safe
and enjoyable experiences. Over half a
million people hunted in New York this year, and for every incident listed, there are
thousands of other hunting stories of people
who safely and responsibly took game. Just
as important, even more passed up shots for the sake of safety, conservation, and respect for wildlife."
I'll be out there this fall doing both hiking and hunting activities, depending on MY wishes, unafraid! You do as you see fit.


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