Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Fall Caution

They call it Fall for a reason. It's when the leaves fall off the trees in the New York and elseware.
As I was out on the Wilderness Way trail at Lime Hollow Nature Preserve today, it was starting. A little used trail it is not particularly well delineated anyway, but today it was even more difficult to follow. The Fall leaves had tended to "blur" the trail. And four times I had to stop and seriously look for markers before I continued, being sure I had the right trail. And, those leaves are going to keep falling, blurring many of our trails throughout NY.
Not to worry; just be prepared. Carry a compass with a plan to get out by dark. A topo map can help so you can identify landmarks and terrain to know where you are and how to get home. And a GPS reading, taken before you leave the parking area, can be a great addition to your successful outing. Just be sure you have good batteries. :-)
It's a GREAT time of year to be out in the wild. few bugs, great foliage and crisp air. Enjoy it all and be prepared, just in case you lose that trail that is covered by those fallen leaves.


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