Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Last Lake George Bike Ride!

The Padanarum Cemetery is where the last bike ride for the Lake George area biking book STARTED today. And, luckily it didn't END there. But we did have an exciting 3.5mile ride down a seasonal roadway, dropping 600 feet in the first 2 miles or so. (Not sure since my eyes watered up in the wind.) Hit a max speed of 24 miles per hour according to the computer. Not bad for a couple of "mature" guys on a gravel roadway. (Mature meaning age, not demeanor.)
So this is one of the more "demanding" trails in the upcoming Lake George biking book. But there are 24 others. Many are either paved and flat, some a little gravelly and flat, and then there are the more demanding trails. After all, our motto is "Outdoor books for ordinary people." But every now and then, even ordinary people need some excitement in their lives. And this book will provide some of it.
It now goes to Mike for editing and then to the publisher. Look for it to be available in early spring of 2009. R


Blogger Chris said...

There is a hill here in DeLand that I've maxed out on around 30MPH.

September 17, 2008 at 3:37 AM


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