Sunday, December 5, 2010

Fall is fell! Winter's here and it's colder than....i want

It's December 6th, and that's snow on the brim of my hat as I boat down the Hudson River. It's almost time to head south. I'll head there in about 10 days. But it was a GREAT summer biking the 450 miles of the Erie Canal. I've enjoyed great friends, both new and old, on that trip and the entire 9 months here in Northern New York. And, I'll stay in touch all winter; jusy not as frequently. In April, we'll start running a new blog on our Adirondack Firetower Challenge and climbing 20 more mountains. I hope you'll join me and make new friends as we attack those 20 or so firetower trails next summer. You can always reach me at: during ANY season.


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