Monday, December 7, 2015

Deleting this Blog - But with a substitute blog

To all of our loyal NY viewers,
Nearly 10,000 of you have viewed this Blog and I thank you for your loyal support over the years. But in the next few days we are going to consolidate this Blog into our Join Roger Outdoors blog because we are so seasonal.
So, please shift your subscription/favorite setting or whatever over to:
It will cover most of our meetups, announcements and activities on a seasonal basis. Central Florida in winter and Upstate New York in the spring/summer and fall months.
That's it. A simple switch over and we are all good.
Thanks again for your loyalty and we will continue to help you get out and enjoy the great outdoors via our continuing entries.
To do so on your own, please check out all of our outdoor titles on my webpage at: for both New York and Florida titles as well as our Safe in the Woods and other titles and programs.
Thank you for your continuing support,


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