Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Northwest Bay Preserve - Lake George, NY

We like to periodically re-visit the trails we list in our books. Listed in our book, 25 Short hikes and Interesting Walks in the Lake George, NY Area, on page 107, are the trails of the Northwest Bay Preserve. Here is an update: As if it wasn't already hard enough to find this site without our specific directions, the original kiosk has now fallen down. But, the yellow loop trail of 1.2 miles is still well marked. It may be a little difficult to follow from marker to marker amongst the yellow fall leaves, but we did just did it today and so can you. Check out that Lake George hiking guidebook at: http://www.commonmanbooks.com/store/lake-george-saratoga/25-short-hikes-and-interesting-walks-lake-george/