Saturday, April 18, 2015

New article about Common Man Books out of Schenectady, NY

The Daily Gazette
Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ed Noonan
Books: Authors detail best trails, water
With the warm weather finally upon us (I hope), many of you who like to hike, bike, kayak, canoe or just take a walk are lacing up sneakers and walking shoes.
For those interested in trying some new places, I’d like to introduce two gentlemen who do it all — Roger Fulton and Michael Carpenter.
Fulton is a retired state police captain who spends his winters hiking and biking through Florida and his summers seeking new trails throughout New York. Carpenter is an Adirondack Community College professor who likes to explore off-road places.
They’ve authored a group of books about outings with plenty of information. Their Common Man series now totals 31 books and destinations.
Before you say you’re not interested in hard-core hikes or power-walks up steep mountain trails, etc., you should know that these books are designed for people who enjoy being outside. They’re also great for those who might be a little older, out of shape or who like to have the grandkids and/or dogs with them.
The authors admit they like the outdoors, but don’t want to sweat a lot, so they’ve also designed these books for those who don’t have a lot of time to a take a long hike. If you’re looking for places you and your family can go and enjoy each other’s company, the surroundings and just being outdoors, the books show where and how to do it.
The series includes 15 outings in the Lake George/Saratoga region, five in the Thousand Islands region, one in Vermont, two in the Finger Lakes area and eight in Florida for snowbirds. The Lake George/Saratoga Region book includes 75 short hike trails, 50 flat-water kayak/canoe trips (25 in Lake George and 25 in Saratoga). Both areas each discuss 25 bike trails.
The beginning of each of these books contains information to help prepare for trips, including items that should be taken and a chapter called “Tips for Staying Found or Tips for Not Getting Lost,” which I believe should always be read before heading out.
There are directions on how to get to each hike, bike or water trip, where to park and what type of facilities are available, what the walking surface and elevations will be, various sites of interest and GPS coordinates. And after each activitiy, there’s a sheet for logging the trip date, weather conditions, companions, interesting observations and general notes.
Another feature I found to be very useful is the physical design of the book. Similar to a spiral binding found on a steno pad, it is pocket size, 33⁄4 inches wide by 71⁄2 long, and fits conveniently into a pocket or pack.
These books are designed for everyone, not just outdoors men/women. After reviewing several of the Common Man books, I’m confident that anyone can plan and execute a family day in the outdoors using the directions found in these books. For more information and to order a book, go to or call (866) 793-0555.
While on their website, take a look at their “Safe in the Woods” book. It’s 100 pages of tips, techniques and advice for safety and survival in the outdoors.

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Free Seminar - Safe in the Woods - May 30, 2015

On Saturday, May 30th 2015 author and naturalist Roger Fulton will offer a free 3 hour course titled Safe in the Woods at Lime Hollow Nature Center in Cortland, NY from 2 to 5 pm. The course will be based on his best-selling book, Safe in the WoodsTips, Techniques and Advice for Safety and Survival. This free course is appropriate for adults 16 and above. In a series of 3 Powerpoint presentations, students will learn how to plan for an outing, how to dress, and what equipment to carry. It will also include advice on what to do if you encounter “critters” out there, from insects to bears. Although the planning and preparation for your outing should keep you out of trouble, there will also be tips on what to do when things go wrong from injuries to what to do if you lose the trail. The last ½ hour we will take a short walk on the Lime Hollow trails to practice what we have learned.
Although the seminar is free, you must make a reservation by contacting Roger Fulton via email at: or by calling him, afternoons or evenings at: 386-956-6089, because space is very limited for this seminar.
If you cannot attend this seminar, you can still get a copy of his book, online or at Lime Hollow Nature Center’s gift store, or take the Interactive course offered at under Training Programs.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Coming Soon! New Finger Lakes hiking book

Short Hikes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State Auburn - Syracuse Region

 The City of Syracuse is right in the middle of New York State and is on the Northeast corner of the beautiful Finger Lakes Region. It is surrounded by wonderful rural areas that provide great hiking trails and wonderful views. In this trail guidebook we help you to explore 25 of the great natural areas in both Onondaga and Cayuga Counties. From miles of paved trails around Onondaga Lake to a moderate trek up to a hang gliding takeoff area with a great view, we cover it all. Then we explore even more interesting trails to the West of Syracuse to the Skaneatlas and Auburn areas around Cayuga Lake. There you will find great waterfalls and interesting nature trails to explore.
As always we give you explicit directions from an Interstate highway to the trails and tell you what to expect when you get there. Our books are always user friendly so you and your family can feel at ease doing these interesting trails. Some are a little more adventurous than others, but all are fun. We enjoyed hiking each and every one of these trails. Now you can, too.
More than 80 full color photographs add to the interactive nature of this book. Its unique size and top spiral binding will allow you to carry it in your back pocket for easy reference on the trail. More than 100 pages of photos, directions, special attractions and cautions are contained in this trail guide.
2015, 130 pages, top spiral bound, 80 full color photos $19.95

Expected release date is May 1st, 2015. Check our webpage for it at: