Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hiking the Finger Lakes - Southeast - Coming VERY SOON!

Short Hikes in the Finger Lakes Region of New York is the title. It covers the southeast region of the Finger Lakes which includes the Cortland and Ithaca Regions. It includes 25 trail locations in Cortland, Tompkins and Tioga Counties. It is our FIRST Finger Lakes book since moving into the area in 2012. It will be up on my webpage and for sale within a few days. We haven't received production copies yet, but if you order it in advance, we'll ship it as soon as we have the copies to do so. That should be no later than June 1st - Just in time for the new hiking season.!
It is in our standard format, spiral bound on top, water resistant paper and great directions to get you there.

It will retail for $19.95.

Give me a couple of days to get it up for sale at: www.RogerFulton.com.

Thank you,   Roger